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Redefine Your Brand with Intention
& Eliminate Uncertainty

Cultivate a passionate audience that identifies you as a changemaker using design psychology & systemized visuals which communicate your value and showcase your impact


Intentional Visuals Empower You to Make an Impact

The internet is filled with noise about the "best practices" for running a successful business, such as amassing thousands of followers + leads, cold pitching, expensive advertising, and posting 3 times a day across all social platforms - it's OVERWHELMING.

Here's the thing though; while some of these practices could potentially work, they're definitely not sustainable... and if we're being real, they make this whole thing feel a little too transactional.

Imagine going the rest of your career focusing on convincing people to work with you rather than focusing on using your expertise to make a difference?

In 2014 I was a burnt-out graphic designer chasing clients to make flyers and album covers for, I knew I couldn't do this forever.

Searching for answers, I dove straight into branding and eventually discovered that intentionality is the missing key - a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work and neither do limited archetypes.

Instead, visuals should be crafted to purposefully connect with your community on a subconscious level, build trust, and emphasize your impact.

That's how my signature service VISUALVISE™ was created - to help changemakers and thought leaders build better relationships and highlight their own personality. The result is a brand that people want to work with long before an offer is even made.

Exceptional Brands Are Built with Intentionality

I've been perfecting my visual branding methodology for over 8 years - the result is VISUALVISE™, a 1:1 visual branding service based on intentionality that is designed to:

  1. Define & showcase who YOU are as well as your intentions, impact, and messages in a visual way that connects with your community.
  2. Implement visuals that demonstrate your expertise and trustworthiness to your community establishing you as a changemaker. That recognition boosts your self-confidence to be even more true to yourself.
  3. Systemize your visual brand so you and your team can eliminate analysis paralysis and never again worry when to use what, where, and if it is going to deliver the right vibe.

"...not just the logo or the colors, but the overall message..."

Jennifer Grayeb

What's Included in VISUALVISE™

What's Included in VISUALVISE™

  • Strategy Workshop

    No more lengthy questionnaires - instead we'll kick off our project together through a Strategy Workshop where we define intentions, goals, and the essence of your brand visuals to define your Visual Brand Map.
  • Visual Framework

    Commonly referred to as a moodboarding process, this is where we'll set the vibes and principles for your visuals with specific styles and traits.
  • Logo System

    A suite of variations to your brand's identity that allow it to scale in different use cases without loss of clarity, quality, and recognition.
  • Color & Typography Systems

    Palettes and pairings that not only look good, but that you could also metaphorically own with a system showing how to actually use them to captivate your community consistently.

  • Brand MasterBook

    A masterclass of your visual brand wrapped into a singular PDF for anytime you need to embody your brand, keep on track, or realign your focus with ever-growing markets.
  • Signature Element

    An element that aside from your logo can be used uniquely to identify your brand in a way. Sometimes this is an iconset, in others it's a pattern, or gradient.
  • Implementation Session

    A 1-on-1 session aimed to help you not only know your new visual brand inside-out, but to successfully lead it into the future.
  • Unfiltered Access

    There is no outsourcing, no templates, and no archetypes to pull from. VISUALVISE™ entails working directly with Garett Southerton to create your visual brand system.


Mastering brand creation through my I.D.E.A. Framework™ allows you to command authority with a premium done-for-you visual brand system in as little as 3 weeks.


The journey starts with setting our intentions and digging deep with a Strategy Workshop. Defining the people you serve, the difficulties, the solutions, what makes you special, what goals we'll accomplish, the impact we're looking to make, and the big WHY that'll power your brand.


Using your new Visual Brand Map, I'll dive into an in-depth analysis of those emotions, the competitive landscape, what challenges lie ahead, and what I believe will accomplish our mission to setup your Visual Framework.


Using your Visual Framework and data gathered in the previous phases, I'll the essence of your intentions, mission, and vibe into a visual brand system that positions you as the expert your community believes in.


We aren't finished once your visual brand is completed. Together we'll go over the Brand MasterBook, discuss a plan of action over an Implementation Session, and prepare you for impact making.

A Brand System That Resonates With You is...

VISUALVISE™ Elevates Your Brand


Each and every touchpoint within your business is an extension of your brand. When you enhance one aspect, it has a ripple effect on the entire experience.

VISUALVISE™ Motivates You To Be Better


When you create a brand that truly represents you, your community will acknowledge and value it, providing you with the assurance to thrive.

VISUALVISE™ Saves You Time


Put an end to concerns, do-overs, and overthinking by eliminating the need to spend countless hours deciding how something should look or feel.

Garett Southerton, Intentional Brand Strategist

About Garett®

Garett Southerton is an intentional brand strategist for changemakers impacting the world with their abilities. Garett has been an entrepreneur in the creative industry for over 18 years and continues to help people grow through the power of branding.

Being a creative professional over the years he has amassed a client base including top experts in real estate, entertainment, marketing, and education spaces, in addition to lending his expertise on branding and visuals to outlets such as CNBC, Yahoo Finance!, WiseStamp, Simply Measured (now Sprout Social), the Digital Bosses Podcast, and more.

Garett believes in the power of intentionality in visuals and strategy as a means to not only scale your business, but to also cultivate a community where you can truly make a meaningful change while maintaining sustainability - making an impact without sacrificing an income.

"...he's a wizard..."

Dalia Van Lom

Would VISUALVISE™ Be Right For You?

Have you've ever asked yourself questions or thought things like...

  • How can I connect to my community in a more ethical way without burning out?
  • How can I establish a strong emotional connection with my audience through branding?
  • How can I streamline the branding process and make it less overwhelming?
  • What can I do to make my brand more memorable and recognizable?
  • Are my visuals aligned with my brand message and values?
  • How do I make my brand stand out in a crowded marketplace?
  • Do my visuals properly represent me and the impact I make?
  • How can I adjust my branding to better appeal to my target audience?
  • Is my brand consistently communicating the right message across all of my channels?
If you shaking your head up and down to any of these then VISUALVISE™ is likely right for you!
To be even more sure, let's breakdown the type of people that benefit most from VISUALVISE™:

VISUALVISE™ is for..

  • Entrepreneurs who identify themselves as changemakers looking to impact their community through their expertise.
  • Businesses that know their audience and industry thoroughly enough to teach a masterclass on them.
  • People who want to transcend beyond traditional marketing and "bro-funnel" tactics to build their community on an emotional & subconscious connection.


  • Those looking to get-rich-quick or make millions with no real effort to provide value for others.
  • Beginners looking to start their business from scratch and have no idea about their offerings or audience.
  • Anyone that doesn't intend to offer a premium product or service, nor work with a team or outsource any part of their business in the future.


Click below to apply for VISUALVISE™ with the appropriate payment option. You'll be taken to a brief application about your business to see if VISUALVISE™ is a good fit for you to make the most impact.

Payment Plan

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Payment is not due until confirmed project start date. Your payment choice has no impact on acceptance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is there an application and what is the process?
    To ensure premium service and quality, I limit the number of available openings per quarter.

    As a result, there is greater demand for 1:1 projects through VISUALVISE™ than there are available bookings so having potential clients submit an application ensures that I only accept projects where I can make the most significant impact.

    No worries though, the process is simple! The application contains just a few questions about your business to make sure we’re a good fit. After you submit your application, I’ll review it and reach out to you within 2 business days to talk about next steps if any bookings are still available.
  • What type of brands is VISUALVISE™ for?
    My process has been refined over the years to work with mostly any type of brand, but VISUALVISE™ was created to service impact-first businesses, changemakers, and entrepreneurs aiming to make a difference.

    With that said, my methodology of intentional branding works best for thought leaders, coaches, industry disruptors, big personalities, non-profits, and most other high quality service-based businesses.

    Product-based businesses aren’t ineligible for VISUALVISE™, but we probably aren’t a fit if your business involves dropshipping, targeting quantity over quality, or Clickfunnels-esque tactics.
  • Can you create just a logo for me instead of a brand system?
    While it would be significantly easier for me to take isolated logo design projects, I don't for one important reason - it would be a waste of your investment and time.

    A logo is an important element in visual branding, but it isn't the whole brand. Without the accompanying visuals, strategy, and systems to help bring the essence of your impact together with a vibe and emotions, a logo is nothing more than a digital paperweight.

    My own intentions are to help my amazing community thrive and be the change they want to see in the world, and just doing logo-only projects won't accomplish that.
  • Are there any guarantees with VISUALVISE™?
    Since every business is unique and influenced by factors outside of branding alone, I cannot offer any guarantees regarding your personal outcomes. The results of using my created visual system to develop your brand will depend on the effort and resources you invest into it.

    That being said, I guarantee that your project will result in a brand system that is clear, professional, and effectively captures the worth of your business during our time together.

    My clients that have done the work to use their brand system have positioned themselves as the go to experts in their industries amongst their respective communities; real estate agents becoming the face of their locale, coaches being sought after thought leaders, and content creators being the voice of influence.
  • What if I'm unhappy with the visuals you created for my brand?
    In my entire design career this hasn’t ever really happened to me.

    There of course is sometimes the necessary refining, but there never has been a visual system that was completely scrapped. This is because brand systems using my VISUALVISE™ process are derived from you, your intentions, and your community.

    In the unlikely event that the visuals I create don’t properly represent you during our project, I will work with you to make it right.
  • Can you create my website, landing page, social media, etc. as well?
    Yes, depending on my booking availability, I do offer add-on services for VISUALVISE™ to those it will benefit.

    Common add-on services such as additional logos for programs / services, coaching, website development, domain + email setup, email marketing templates, social media templates, coming soon & landing pages, managed web hosting, and marketing material design are available for an additional fee.

    Please note that I no longer offer most of these add-on services to clients outside of VISUALVISE™ as without an intentional brand system most of these additional efforts wouldn't be worth the investment.
  • How does VISUALVISE™ compare to your other services?
    VISUALVISE™ is a 1:1 done-for-you service where we define your visual brand system (external branding) based on you, your intentions, your community, and emphasize your impact visually. It is the only way to work with me to create visuals.

    BRANDTENTIONAL™ is an intimate cohort where we develop your brand's mindset + foundations, personality + styles, and communication strategy (internal branding) with intentionality.

    I'm currently not booking 1:1 coaching or other creative service-based projects to new clients outside of VISUALVISE™ or BRANDTENTIONAL™ at the moment.

"...he gets how my brand needs to be communicated..."

Julian Keaton

Still have Questions?

Do you still have a question after reading this page? Schedule a quick 15 minute ice breaker call and I'll be happy to answer any questions to see if VISUALVISE™ is right for you.