Creative & Strategic Branding Solutions

Redefining What It Means To Brand

I've been building brands and websites for over 17 years. I've been in the industry long enough to know what works, yet what also only works temporarily. Creating timeless brands doesn't come from cutting corners, logo templates, or overnight services.

Straightforward Solutions Designed To
  • Establish your brand as an industry leader
  • Use systems that create customer recognition
  • Personify what makes your brand special
  • Guide you to clarity within your business
  • Identify weak branding and transform it
  • Give your brand a foundation it can grow with
  • Turn spectators into forever loyal customers
  • Speak directly to your target audience

Logo & Brand Identity


Put into place a brand system that allows you to communicate and build relationships with potential customers. This empowers your business to make an impact while gaining credibility, increasing profits, growing brand recognition, and earning devoted customers.


  • Strategy Workshop
  • Visual Framework
  • Logo System
  • Color & Typography Systems
  • Signature Visual Element
  • Brand MasterBook
  • Implementation Session
  • Unfiltered Access

This solution is perfect if your brand's visuals aren't gaining customers’ trust, don't resonate with your business or brand story, aren't clear who they're speaking to, appear outdated or unprofessional, or are ready to stand out from your competition.

Learn More About VISUALVISE™
VISUALVISE™ Service by Garett Southerton of Garett®, Creative Brand Strategist in Long Island, NY

Your brand is unique, so it needs a unparalleled process

Remarkable branding isn't like a t-shirt you order online to arrive the next day, it's a bespoke suit designed to fit the shape of only your business.

This is where my IDEA process comes in. A straightforward process I use to determine where your brand currently is at, what it takes to get to your goals, and how we're going to achieve it working together.

  • 1. Intention
    The journey starts with identifying your brand. The difficulties, the solutions, what makes your brand special, what goals we're trying to accomplish, how we're going to crush them, and the big why that'll power your brand.

    We typically do this over a call or two and a workbook. If we have an upcoming coaching session, you'll get a short questionnaire instead.
  • 2. Discovery
    Once we've identified where to go, I dig into research mode to discover how we'll get there. I assess the competitive landscape and our advantages, what challenges lay ahead, and put together a plan of attack to give your business the brand it deserves.

    For branding projects, this may include moodboards, concepts, or sketches. For websites, this may include wireframes or a list of tools. For coaching, these are topics we'll discuss on our call.
  • 3. Exploration
    Using the data that we've identified and discovered, I will put it all together and create the platform that best helps you reach your goals.

    During this time is when I'll work on and complete your brand identity and system, website, and any other projects we've planned to accomplish. For coaching, this will be our session meeting.
  • 4. Achieve
    I don't believe a project ends just because your branding visuals or website is built or our coaching session is finished. Now that your new platform works for your business, it's important to know how to use it.

    For branding and website projects, this is a meeting where we go over the project and discuss actionable items for launch and future success. For coaching, this is how I like to wrap up a session.

Make Your Business Unforgettable

Attract loyal customers, grow brand recognition, and use your business to make an impact by implementing systems and platforms that work for your business to develop relationships with your customers.

Build Your Brand