Branding & Business Resources

I know how it is when your business is just at its early stage or begins to take off - I had to learn how to lay a scalable foundation all by myself. That's why I've created a wealth of branding and business related resources to help business owners have the knowledge and insights so that they don't have to do it all alone too.

These resources are broken down into three different categories. Select the one which you feel will help you best.

Free Downloads

A collection of helpful email series and worksheets I've put together to help you with the foundations of branding.

3 Part Brand Clarity Email Course Project by Garett Southerton of Garett®, Creative Brand Strategist in Long Island, NY

3 Part Brand Clarity Email Course

Find brand clarity and discover how your business is different from its competitors, how to define your target audience, how to capture the essence of your brand into a single statement, how to find your brand's voice and tone are, and how to make sure your brand's marketing is in alignment with its personality - all for free.

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Setup & Tool Recommendations

I'm frequently asked about my favorite tools and work from home setup, so I put together a collection of my most recommended and used tools in my setup.

Garett Southerton Recommends Computer & Desk Setup on Amazon


These are some of my most popular and helpful guides.

How Basketball Mindsets Translate to Business [Reintroducing Garett®]

Running a business is similar to running a professional basketball team in a lot of ways – especially when it comes to mindsets around growth and timing.

21 Google Fonts Combinations For Websites & Brands

Once upon a time we were stuck using the same 8 system-default fonts for web design. Thankfully with the rise of web fonts and companies like Google have made it easy to change that. Using Google Fonts is the most widely used way to add great looking type to your website. So let’s explore 21 Google Fonts combinations you can use on your website or brand visuals.

Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Website

WordPress plugins have the power to add important features to your website and make it into a platform. Unfortunately though, most WordPress plugin guides fill you with more plugins than you’ll be able to count, which will bog down your website and make it run slower than AOL dial-up *cringe*. Let’s change that and make sure your website is running efficiently with only the tools you need.